Depression And Learning To Authentically Love Yourself

I have met many with depression who feel ashamed for their lives. They are sad about their failures and mistakes. What happens when you start honoring yourself and focusing on the positive?

Many years ago, I was sad and lost. I was depressed that I was obese and didn’t reach my own goals. I learned in therapy that it was my choice in how I treated myself. I began to remember all the reasons I am special.

My list includes that I am smart, handsome, help others, and am talented. You are also a great person.

Are any of these true?

You are kind.

You help others.

You enjoy learning.

You have survived major obstacles.

You never gave up.

You are brave for battling your emotions.

Please know how important you are. You were created by God exactly as you were meant to be. You are loved, creative and awesome. I know you can slowly learn to love yourself authentically. If you become your own best friend there is a feeling of hope deep within. It is in your power to keep pressing forward and making positive change.

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