Developing Patience With Depression

IMG_0192When you live with depression being patient is difficult. You may want to resolve all the stress, fears, problems and issues in your life. The reality is there are both problems with your mental health as well as concrete life situations you need to face. When you choose to be patient it helps to reduce the pressure.

This may include slowing down when you drive, learning to give yourself extra time to do tasks, and to create a plan of what you need to accomplish today. It is helpful to spread out the responsibilities and not attempt to do everything back to back. You may also admit that you need more time to the others involved in your life.

I used to believe fast and quick wins all the races. When I was diagnosed with my mental illness I was in a hurry to become healthy. I wanted my school, friends, passions and life back instantly. It took two solid years of being in and out of the hospital before I finally accepted a different route. I chose to go very slowly and make minor improvements each day.

This pace has allowed me to achieve more than I ever dreamed. I still set big goals and handle many situations. I make a massive effort to take my time and remove fear from whatever is happening in my life. This has taught me to accept that not all situations will be resolved in a moment. If I trust God and take small steps there is usually a positive outcome.

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