Daily Tips For Dealing With Depression

mountainThe sadness of depression makes obstacles often seem larger than they are. You are able to respond to your feelings with a different outlook. What happens when you choose a better response to something that is usually considered a struggle.

I was working with a woman who felt angry at her boyfriend. He was always being critical and calling attention to the extra weight on her stomach and thighs. She would begin feeling happy and then this partner would come and beat her down emotionally. It seems for as much progress as she would achieve, it would always fall apart when he would arrive.

We started to discuss her options. The first is to end the relationship and be as far away from him as possible. The other idea is to not let his arrows harm her emotions. She began to ask how it would be possible to do this. I shared a story a motivational speaker taught an audience. When a snake bites you, it is not the cut that can kill. It is the poison that is released during the bite that can spread through your bloodstream. What happens if you do not let the toxic thoughts seep into your mind?

One way to do this is to take away the power of anyone who says negative thoughts. They may call you fat but you choose a different response. You say to yourself “I am beautiful and am perfect as I am. I love my body and all parts of myself.” If you are called a loser you can turn it around. “I am a success and am making progress on my goals. It is up to me to decide my path and to walk on my own journey”.

It is important to remember how special you are. Many with depression have been mentally beat by others and themselves. You can start today to tell yourself positive affirmations. A few are that you are terrific, unique, powerful, beautiful, talented and a gift to our world. You may also remember the warmth and kindness you have shared with others. I know this takes work but the effort of changing our thoughts are very powerful.

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