Learning To Adapt When Dealing With Depression

snow-fall-park-1920x1200Why is it important to be willing to adapt? We all develop new skills by handling change. When you live with depression there is often a fear of the unknown.

I was working with a man who faces depression. He was battling addictions to alcohol and a high level of self doubt. He admitted that he felt shell shocked from the many problems he is facing.

We started to look at how he could keep growing even with many difficult issues. He began to accept that change is a part of life. It was a big step to not bury his head in the sand whenever a problem appears.

Each week, he would create a list of situations he must handle. I worked to help him clarify which are the most important. He also was open when he felt scared and experiencing anxiety. It became a relief to be honest about what he is facing and to know that he does not have to deal with everything alone.

He would grow through a very transitional time in his life. It became obvious that he had to adapt and keep learning. When he sought help, it became better and led to a lower level of stress.

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