Depression Is Helped With Hope

heartI help coach clients that live with depression. They share their pain and often how real their sadness seems. I’ve seen how they struggle to keep going and persist even when every moment is difficult. I realize that it is easy to tell them to have hope but harder for a depressed person to actually believe life will improve.

I experienced a recent day where I felt very down. In that moment, my mind shared only negativity, fear and sorrow. I remembered the countless times I counseled others on what to do. “Please remember that those feelings will not always be exactly as they are. If you make it through the darkest moments, tomorrow may bring light”.

I understood how in that instant everything seems horrible. It takes so much courage to go to sleep and pray that tomorrow may be just a little bit better. In my life, it did get better the next morning. This day helps me to remember just how hard some of us fight to survive depression. I don’t care what anyone has told you about your feelings. They are real and often rough to face.

We can come together and be open that some battles are hard to win. You are supported, loved and never alone. Please know you are taking a positive step to read this and learn about making changes. It means so much that you come to this website. I always remember my mental illness is there and each day is one step at a time. I pray for us to allow the bright light to shine deep upon our souls.

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