The Optimistic Warrior Overcomes Depression

walkDid you know you are valuable and unique? You were created perfectly exactly as you were made to be. In your life, you have impacted many others and are loved and supported. I believe you are a warrior and have won the battle to overcome sadness.

What does it mean to be an optimistic warrior? It is to know that you have pressed through even darkness and pain. You may have lost a loved one, faced financial stress, dealt with a harsh inner critic or felt that your dreams did not happen on your timeline.

This is your time. In the moment, we are growing stronger, happier, healthier and ready to break past our pain. I believe that wars are not won overnight. It is facing battle after battle and tiring out the negativity. When you workout, connect with others, choose to focus on faith you become more powerful.

It is not too late to achieve a higher level of success. This may mean being open to healthier choices. You may break the addiction that held you back. It may be looking at our lives and being willing to dust ourselves off and keep going.

I leave you today with these final thoughts:

You are valuable

You are blessed

You are talented

You are gifted

You are loved

You will win the war on depression and will break to a higher level of joy and happiness. Do not give up and remember there are many others silently doing their best to keep going. We are all one and are great people. It is our time to see hope and achieve our goals.

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