Teaching Your Lessons

wpid-20140813_182920.jpgWe all have the ability to teach others. It may be showing your child how to feel loved and supported. In the work world, you may help inspire or share knowledge with another staff member. When you meet others, it is teaching to share a smile.

The best teachers are students of what they hope to learn about. Our lives are the greatest lessons we will ever find. This includes facing hard obstacles that test every ounce of our body. What will you do when the issues seem overwhelming and life feels hard?
I am celebrating the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. I’ll be attending services at my local Kaballah centre. Their book taught me that it is how we react that determines our life. How often does something happen that makes us want to become upset? It may be as simple as your kids throwing stuff everywhere when you are tired. It may be getting stuck in a traffic jam when you really need to get home or use the bathroom. At other moments it will be facing a big bill when money is tight.

These situations test us. Do you react with anger, fear and lose the momentum you have been gaining? What happens when you learn not to react and don’t get upset? We pass the test and become stronger. One of my greatest teachers shares that a negative voice tests all of us. It will throw a great amount of problems your way. When you learn to not lose your cool you are growing.

I have educated about mental health for many years. The only knowledge I have is from my own journey dealing with these problems in my own life. I came to understand that we must go through the pain if we want to develop the ability to overcome the situation. You are a divine and wonderful human being. It is within your power to let go of fear and learn to let love be our inspiration.

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