Using Meditation In The Morning

newdayI enjoy waking up early and preparing my daughter for first grade. The mornings are often busy and we must move quickly to arrive on time for her school. When she leaves, I slow down and center myself.

Today, I was able to calm down and listen to meditation music. This teaches me to take my time and know that it is helpful to slow my pace. How often do we rush from one activity to another and feel pressured and stressed?

In a traditional work setting there is often a challenge to be peaceful. One idea is when others use a bathroom or cigarette break you can choose to go outside and meditate for five minutes. You may use your phone to find some soothing music.

The best part of relaxing is it helps your mind and body. I believe anxiety is one of the worst things for our brains. When you take a couple of moments to unwind you are preparing for a better day. It often takes practice, but it is well worth going on the journey.

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