The Choices Are Yours In Mental Health and Life

forestEach day we have hundreds of choices. They include what we think, feel, eat, where we spend our time and how we look at our lives. There is always the option of making decisions that help build your future rather than leading towards doubt and shame.

I was working with a client and speaking about how most of us have a harsh inner critic. This voice can be negative and make us remember what we have done wrong, how we have failed and why we should give up. We often fall into sadness and pain after feeling beat down by ourselves.

What happens when you choose to laugh, choose optimism and remember what is working? This leads you to feel lighter and to have hope. The same situation could occur to many at the same time and almost everyone will have a different perspective. It is a choice to find some reason to continue and press forward.

I had the time to watch the movie Jobs with Ashton Kutcher playing the iconic founder of Apple Computers. His life was filled with huge struggles all along his journey to building his company. He faced being fired, severe cancer and many other hard problems. It was his choice to keep building and letting his life leave us a long term legacy.

Do you want to improve your mental health? Are you working towards making positive choices? Are you willing to admit your failures and find reasons to celebrate your successes? These are all real decisions you must make.

We are always happy to provide a fantastic coaching program for anyone looking to learn, grow and make better choices. You may reach us at (213) 304-9555 or email

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