Learning To Run Your Own Race

mountain-climbing-wallpaperIn our culture, many of us read about the lives of others. It may be Keeping Up With The Kardashians, magazines about celebrities and hearing about business owners becoming billionaires. It is easy to look around and wonder why we don’t have all that some have been able to obtain.

During work with my therapist, we talked about comparing ourselves to others. The counselor shared that for many years he grew up looking at the lives of those in his social circle. Many happened to be wealthy and famous. His greatest lesson is to learn that we all must walk in our own shoes and stay focused on our path.

I took this message to heart and began to think deeply about this issue. I slowly learned to realize that almost everyone goes through struggles. It became helpful not to compare myself to friends or associates who have obtained a high level of success.

This led me to be thankful for my own journey. I continue to try and build my career, relationships and family. I sometimes fall into moments of fear and confusion. It is during this time, I often think of going down a different road. I know that our own path is filled with obstacles. If we are willing to go through the journey, we are likely to make it to the other side.

It takes a great amount of persistence and dedication to accomplish your dreams. Many of the people that are admired have worked for years to achieve their success. I am fascinated that even these high achievers are trying to accomplish even more.

I want to share one final thought. In my twenties, many of my friends were getting married. I could see the few who were still single began to feel different. There was pressure to do what everyone else was doing. I told one of my closest pals that he should grow himself and not think he has to be similar to everyone. He made the right decision to wait until he found the right person and knew that his time would come.

Please know you have the potential to grow, develop and enjoy your life. You don’t have to be like everyone else because you were created to be yourself. When you honor your own truth, you become alive and joyful. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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