How Hurting Can Help Us Heal

bookcA very long time ago, I began to try to be more positive. I began to watch, read and study optimism. In the beginning, I hoped to reach a place where life was complete bliss. I had the belief that every moment of each day would be joyful.

After many years, my view has shifted. I have not given up on having an optimistic outlook. I still read, listen and study being happy. I know that there will be days and times when we are hurting. There may be a hidden blessing in these tough emotions.

When my brother died last year, I was in deep pain. I knew he had addictions but never dreamed he would be dead at 27 years old. I was not prepared or ready to handle his loss. I also made a hard decision to not numb my emotions. This meant not using food, alcohol or anything else to soothe my sadness.

During the last year, I have been working out almost daily. I also went back to therapy to talk about my feelings. In addition, I try to help others who are facing struggles. The great lesson of pain is that it gives us a balance when there are good times.

I know that all of our lives will have ups and downs. It is clear that if we don’t fall into complete darkness in the hard times we can bounce back and allow the light to resume. You are never alone with facing problems. If you need some help reach out and I am happy to assist you. My coaching is a wonderful way to learn and grow. You may call (213) 304-9555 or email

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