How To Handle Depression and Children Returning Back To School

wpid-20141002_153126.jpgI have learned as a parent with mental illness how important structure and routine is in all of our lives. My 6 year old daughter Tyler started first grade this Monday. I began to prepare early to help our family be ready.

My sleep schedule was slowly pushed towards going to bed earlier and waking up closer to the time we would need to be ready for school. When the first day came, I was able to wake up at 6:30am to help Tyler begin her classes.

I will admit that I used to enjoy staying up late and sleeping into the afternoon. Once I started a family I knew that some of this would change. My wife is a morning person and often is up first. In our house, she usually takes the early shift and watches our kids. I am in charge of the time in the evening so she can head to bed before me.

I have seen many with depression or bipolar disorder that are doing an amazing job of helping their families. They balance their own needs along with the countless responsibilities of being a parent. You may never see us sweat but we are doing everything we can to allow our children a brighter future.

The other suggestion I have learned is to try and not be perfect. You will make a mistake or something will go wrong. Today, a mug broke and I needed to sweep and clean it up. When you don’t let small situations take away your peace, you are able to press towards a happy and healthy home. Your children will love being raised by parents that learn and care about their own actions.

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