Learning To Remember You Are Unique

wpid-20140821_195106.jpgWhen I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder there were so many thoughts going through my mind. I remember feeling confused, hurt, angry and scared. I didn’t want to be mentally ill and wasn’t sure what would become of my future.

It took a great amount of time to work through these issues in therapy. I began to understand that my problems are real and that it would be up to me to create change. I then started a long road of slow and steady progress towards rehabilitation.

One lesson I continue to remember is to accept myself and understand that I am unique. There is no magical description that identifies who I am. I share with others that they don’t have to label themselves and fit perfectly in anyone’s version of who they are supposed to be.

I have grown to trust that God created all of us as unique and different. I chose a long time ago to stop trying to fit into my version of what I thought others wanted. I now teach others to learn to authentically love themselves and not feel fear being themselves. You were created and are perfect exactly as you are!

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