The Listener Provides Support For Depression

loveMany parents come to me struggling when their child is battling mental health issues. The moms and dads don’t know how to help and improve the situation. One of my greatest skills is to listen and hear what they are going through. I also share that they must be open and try to understand what their kids are facing.

When a young person is battling these issues they may feel alone. It is common for them to have low self esteem, worry about bullying and not being confident about their future. I now have my own kids and am always trying to be supportive to them.

The art of listening helps us feel connected. When we have someone in our life who understands and is open to hearing our problems we can grow. In my own life, I still appreciate my parents being willing to help when I have a hard time.

We may choose to find those who are in our lives and offer them warmth and kindness. Many of us long for someone to openly share what we feel and face. You may turn around someones life when you take the time to listen.

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