Finding Positive Responses To Challenges

IMG_0205I always share that being positive is a wonderful way to handle living. I want to be open that this often sounds easy but can test your strength. I was spending time today swimming with some family friends. I was enjoying swimming when a loud bang happened.

It was about to rain and we had to quickly leave the pool. I kept positive and took my son home quickly. We made it in the house and I was going to change his wet clothes and give him a dry outfit. I took off his diaper and there was a loose stool that I did not anticipate.

My first response is to be upset as feces was falling on the floor. I began to clean it up and dress my son. I felt inside that I was upset that it started to rain and I didn’t plan for his accident. I made a choice to go against my emotions and stay positive even though the situation tested my outlook.

He is now quietly sitting down, relaxing and preparing for a nap. I am taking a few minutes to write, listen to inspirational thoughts and go back to a place of peace. It is our choice to find a positive response when a challenge happens.

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