Showing Love Is The Key To Building Hope

heartI have helped many face large obstacles. When they are shown love something begins to change. They remember that no matter what they are going through, they are cared about.

You may be struggling with finances, career issues, losing someone you love or a health condition. When you choose to share love with everyone around you it is improving our world. This means showing kindness to the people you meet each day.

I found great joy this weekend being warm to my family, meeting new neighbors at my community pool, speaking kindly to the workers while buying groceries, and attending a Kaballah service. You may help another human being today. If you will take a moment to smile, share warm thoughts and give love it will help us all connect. We are always in need of feeling loved and appreciated. Your simple act may touch the lives of others who are experiencing rough situations. You will feel more joy knowing that you are impacting others.

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