What I Know For Sure

sunI bought a new book written by Oprah Winfrey. It speaks about what she knows for sure. Within the book, are many different lessons and experiences in her life. I found it fascinating to read about her journey and how she continues to grow.

I found today that there are many lessons I still have to work through. During some time at my office, two associates shared some tips and critiques that opened my eyes. I chose to embrace their feedback and listen to their thoughts. I also become aware that my first instincts were to be hurt or upset. I then realized that there is more to learn.

Later in the evening, I found another valuable life lesson. I had a problem with a business that I felt was handled wrong by this large company. Even though I spent 10 hours on the phone trying to get a resolution there was not one. I would later need to use the services of this company because they own their market. I found out tonight that even when things do not go your way, you sometimes must be willing to let go of your anger.

The final lesson was the greatest one of all. I was driving to work when a car was going extremely slow next to me. I usually am patient but I chose to step on the gas to go around them. While I did, they swerved into my lane and were just a moment from crashing my car. In a quick decision, I slammed on my brakes and let them pass me.

I realized just how important our lives are. One split second of a difference and we both would have been severely injured and have wrecked cars. I had such a different view of my day after realizing how blessed I am. Though I have all types of problems and issues I know I am trying to keep a positive outlook. This doesn’t mean I won’t need to grow and learn even more. I know for sure that I try my hardest even when I fall short, I keep learning.

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