Your Kindness Counts

bookaI had the opportunity to help my mother earlier today. I am always happy to assist her and show her appreciation. I remember during the years when my mental illness was the most severe. My mom spent countless days researching ways to help her son. She also would take me to tons of doctors, therapists and those who might be able to help me improve.

I now have my own children and understand that having a mentally ill child is extremely difficult. I went from doing well in most areas of my life to being locked in a mental institution. This is so rough for parents and anyone impacted from these situations.

I am blessed to have a great relationship with my mom. She has helped many others as a social worker and is always finding ways to make a difference. The best gift I am able to offer her is to let her know how appreciative I am for her hard work.

I was talking to a mom this week who has a son with a mental illness. I could hear the sadness and confusion in her voice. I tried to give her hope and some positive lessons. I am so lucky to help other families who now face these challenging situations. I share the journey I have experienced teaching others that their own kids may be able to rebuild their lives. I don’t think there is anything that a parent wants more than to have their child healthy and thriving in the world.

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