Dealing With Depression

free-good-morning-rising-sun-wallpaper_1024x768_84537 (1)One of the hardest parts of living with depression is to continue to attempt to improve. Many feel so sad, tired and weak that it is very difficult to continue. This adds to the many problems and life issues that have a way of bringing you down further.

You may feel as if everything has fallen apart. The fact that you came to read this shows you will not give up. You have the potential to handle your depression. Please know you are not alone and your life is important. Many in the pits of depression will one day grow stronger and even happier.

I share these lessons because it is often a very difficult road. You may feel that nobody understands the pain and fears you live with. You are supported and please know there is hope. If you ever are feeling too depressed there is free help available anytime at The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255. It takes great courage to admit you are struggling and to be willing to obtain support. It is worth the effort and you deserve to have this help if you need it.

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