The Best Within

moonInside of you is a winner. You have the power and ability to keep striving towards your goals. Even though you may have faced struggles you have continued to press forward. The journey is often long and has many twists.

You have made it to this point which is an accomplishment. There are many others who would not have been able to handle the issues you have been dealt. Many of the greatest people in history did not win on their first effort. They were willing to keep going even when the road felt like a dead end. They learned to create a new road or even build an airplane to go over the road.

Please know your efforts will lead you to success. It is only the third inning in a game of nine innings. You may hit a homerun the next time you are up to bat. Please do not stop working and attempting to grow your skills. The lessons you have been learning are teaching you to achieve your goals.

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