The Power Of Positive Thinking

Jordan Slam Dunk CompetitionWe all may grow our own ability to stay positive. Many of us have a reason that would justify being negative. The facts are that those with optimism are happier, more successful and develop lifelong success.

The first steps to staying positive is to find a reason to be thankful. This may be as simple as knowing that you have a roof over your head, enough food to survive and the ability to read. You may also know that each day is a gift and that not everyone has the ability to enjoy this moment.

Most of our best lessons are learned with practice. This means consistently letting the inner voice you have start saying positive thoughts to yourself. This may be affirmations including simple ideas “I am happy. I feel wonderful. I am blessed to have this day”. When you say these to yourself over and over again it becomes what you believe.

It is never too late to learn how to develop a winning attitude. A great amount of life is found in how we respond to situations. There is a key element of those with lasting success in that they determine to see the glass as half full!

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