A Champion Of Survival

loveThere are many with mental illness who have gone through a long battle. I want to take a few moments to celebrate you today.

You have also taken the time to read this magazine and continue to educate and learn about making positive changes. You are a success for persisting in your attempts to improve your life. You may also be thankful that you have survived.

Many with these issues end up in permanent hospitals, addicted to hardcore street drugs, or end their lives. I always felt so sad that their are huge amounts of suicides among those with mental illness. I choose today to remember how terrific and wonderful you are.

You are not the illness that you live with. You are a gifted and wonderful survivor. Your value in our world is priceless. It is true that you have made a difference in the lives of others. You are still here and for this I am thankful.

We can continue to press towards even happier times. Our true strength is knowing that we never gave up. We keep trying and this is why you have made it. Your a champion and today I choose to celebrate your accomplishments. These are well deserved and never forget who you are. Our god loves you more than words are ever able to describe.

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