Learning To Limit Nervousness In Times Of Fear

nature-sunset-1When situations seem fearful our mind may struggle to stay calm. We often feel or understand that others around us are nervous. Those with a mental illness have to guard themselves from falling into a state of confusion.

One key way to stay relaxed is to limit watching the news. You do not have to focus on any current crises and become wrapped up in the problem. You may also choose to find ways to help keep yourself peaceful. This may mean doing some physical activity, listening to music and staying connected with family.

I will admit this does not stop a stressful time from appearing in your life. It will allow you to figure out how to not seep into a state of extreme anxiety and hopelessness. This is especially true if the problem or issue is something that you have not been involved in.

Please know that all of us will face experiences and times that fear pervades those around us. When you make a different choice of how to look at the problem, you are deciding to not be swept up in the storm of fear. It may end up helping those around you to see the serenity you are experiencing despite a time of instability.

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