Your Daily Choices Impacting Depression

wpid-wp-1413382025329.jpgI woke up today feeling tired and upset. I began to remember the lessons I teach others. My first thought was to focus on gratitude. This includes feeling blessed for having a wonderful family, the gift of another day and that I am able to help others.

There was a two hour window of time before my next meeting. I threw on a fresh pair of jogging shorts and went to my local nature preserve. I began to do pushups, squats and stretching. My body began to move and the sadness started to lift.

I then came upon a three level set of steps. It is in the heart of the park and is a long way up. Over the past months, I have worked up to walking up the steps 10 times. Last week, I challenged myself to run up and do five sets. I began to feel my adrenaline getting strong and started running. I finished my fifth set and felt the energy to continue. I made it to 10 long sets.

When I finished sweat was pouring down on me. I felt the hot sun embrace my body and am refreshed. This wonderful workout shifted my outlook. I went home, showered and made it into my office. I believe that when you expend energy in a positive way you can grow happier and healthier.

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