Depression Doesn’t Discriminate

DepressionBookOver many years of counseling others, I have seen the impact of depression. I watch how parents grow so scared when their children are clinically depressed. I see husbands, wives, brothers and sisters that are fearful for their loved ones.

The fact is depression does not care your age, ethnicity, financial status or background. We all have to make sure to not let the darkness overtake the light. We may do well for a long time only to fall into the depths of fear, confusion, anger and isolation.

I know that many think they are alone in their problems. They read Facebook and hear all the exciting activities their friends are doing. They view the pictures and figure everyone seems so happy. The reality is they often do not know the truth behind the positive facade placed online. It is for this reason please know that so many of us live with depression and it is not your fault.

You do have the power to handle your problems. This means seeking treatment if you are struggling. It is also vital to find others around you to listen and support your mental state. There are many free groups that you can attend and meet others who live with depression. I share The National Alliance on Mental Illness at and The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance at

There is a wonderful book I wrote last year titled Depression, Bipolar and Heroin. It is a guide for anyone impacted by depression. You may find it at

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