Raising Sons To Communicate And Connect

IMG_0018My son Ryan is a beautiful child. His doctor suggested that we attend speech therapy because he has been slow to speak. He has his first session today and I began to research about boys who struggle to communicate.

In my local library, the book Boys Of Few Words by Dr. Adam J. Cox caught my eye. It shares how the psychologist began to study and help boys that were facing learning problems. The book shares extremely valuable lessons for parents with a child that struggles to talk.

Dr. Cox writes “We must accept that we live in a world increasingly bound by the need to communicate and relate to others. Through communication we navigate the maze of experiences and relationships that make up life-at home, school, and eventually work. Communication helps us define and know our emotional selves, making us more well rounded, better prepared to fully participate in the world.”

It also shares that each child has unique ways of looking at life. I am beginning a long journey to help my son find the ability to express and connect with others. Many parents face these issues and feel worried about their child. I encourage you to find this book which is filled with excellent research and lessons about male development. I work with my son each day to help him grow his speech. I know with enough effort and knowledge he has the potential to find his own voice.

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