How Rest Helps Manage Mood Disorders

beachWhen someone is manic they often have boundless energy. If someone is depressed they usually feel tired and weak. During times of stability, it is vital to make sure you obtain enough rest. This is especially true in the warmer months.

We may not realize just how intense the temperature is. While spending a long day in the heat, rest is extremely helpful. You may practice slowing down, staying indoors and not over exerting yourself.

One other suggestion is to always stay hydrated. We may not feel thirsty when it is a busy day. The need to drink water, Gatorade and other liquids make a big impact on our potential to handle these temperatures. It also may help you maintain a balanced mood when living in hotter climates.

The last tip is to limit or not consume alcohol on days where your exposed to large amounts of heat. When we drink, it dehydrates us and may swing our moods to a dangerous level. It may seem fun but you are putting a large amount of pressure on your mind and body.

It makes sense to be mindful of your limits. If you follow these simple rules you may spend your summer enjoying a glorious season.

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