The Kindness Boomerang

IMG_0166My daughter Tyler finished camp today. It is a very hot day and she was extremely tired. We decided to stop at 7 Eleven to buy a slurpie. We finished filling up the drink and began to wait in line.

A man with his name embroidered on his work shirt was behind us waiting to pay. Tyler said do you want to go in front of us and he smiled. He asked if she likes gum or candy. She said yes and he offered to treat her to some Mentos. He told her that all day he had been around workers who were edgy and nasty. Her generosity made him smile.

Tyler was so excited and felt wonderful about the moment. I said when you help others kindness will boomerang back towards you. This is a great lesson and I am blessed that my daughter is beginning to learn it. You never know when helping another human being may have a profound effect on both of your lives.

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