Being Present With Bipolar And Depression

forestThe path to being present seems quite simple. It is to be focused on what you are doing and not thinking about the past or future. This takes work and can feel much harder than it actually is.

What are fears? Is it a worry of not having enough, failing, losing something or being alone? Is anything that happens actually permanent? These questions are how we learn to let go. Many hold certain items to represent them. If they have a big house, lots of money, a great job, beautiful boyfriend then they may feel complete. If they are missing something they are searching for this to allow them to be happy.

The fact is that no matter what you have our nature is to attempt to obtain new goals. I look at eating as an example. When I am starving, I am thinking of what to eat. Once I have finished a meal, several hours later I again must find food.

This does not mean that we will ever be able to completely let go of fears. When we are nervous it often pushes us towards what we must acquire. Without any pressure, some would lose their ability to survive.

One great way of being present is finding something you love. It may be music, soothing speakers, meditating, doing deep breathing or being still. I find walking in nature, I instantly forget anything that has troubled me. I focus on the trees, gardens, and plant life creating a beautiful and peaceful moment.

This helps us release stress, decrease depression and help our moods stay calm. It may not be the only part of success but it is quite helpful. You may learn to combine your own techniques to teach yourself to be in the moment.

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