How Choices Impact Depression

Naturepreserve2When you live with depression there will be choices to make. The first is to decide to seek and accept help. This includes finding a doctor that identifies the tools to treat your mood.

The next set of choices is hard. It is to find a way to keep going even when life feels frustrating. There are many who barely have the ability to wake up, go outside, or be around others. If you are able to do physical activities this will greatly improve your mental health.

The third step is to overcome your fears. Many with depression have experienced setbacks including failing in a career, struggling with friendships, losing a loved one or feeling insecure. It is not always easy to keep trying and attempt a new start. Many with depression wonder if the effort is even worth it.

I have seen those with mood problems grow stronger, happier, healthier and more alive. It is a gradual process that takes persistence. In my own life, I watch how sadness sometimes seeps in. When I wake up and take a hike, connect with new friends and keep going there is a renewed sense of optimism.

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