The Gift Of Your Time Teaches Children

wpid-20150425_162850.jpgDo your kids want a new toy, bigger house, better video games or lavish vacations? Many parents have children who find material gifts that feel vital. I have learned through counseling there is one jewel more valuable than a diamond.

This is to focus on your children and be there for them. The simple act of taking them on a walk, playing with them at a local park, or dancing with them to YouTube videos is extremely important. It is for this reason, many of the most well adjusted kids are the ones who have a close and connected relationship with their parents.

It is also a dangerous path to think that buying a child more toys will give them satisfaction. We all have a human need to feel protected, accepted and loved by our parents. When your son or daughter know how special they are in your life, it gives them a sense of hope.

There may be times that you battle your own issues. It may mean dealing with depression, a health issue, financial problem, relationship stress or feeling overwhelmed. During this time, spend quality time with your kids. You may do an activity that is fun or free. I spent several days this month at my local library reading, playing and teaching my daughter and son.

Your relationship with your children has the ability to be one of the child’s most important bonds. When they feel appreciated, accepted and cared for they are more likely to make healthier choices. If they go through a struggle, your warmth will give them the courage to seek help. They will one day teach their own family the lifelong lessons learned through your love.

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