Compassionate Listening To Help Support Others

wallI have spent the past several years actively listening to the clients I work with. I find that a great therapist and coach has the ability to hear and help understand complex problems. It also taught me to allow others the space to express and open up about their emotions.

One of the greatest human needs is to feel that others understand us. I have seen some who are extremely sad because they feel that their family, classmates or co workers do not “get them”. One of the most common factors in depression is isolation and disconnect.

We can all help support others with compassionate listening. Do you have a friend that has been having a tough time? It is a great gift to listen and offer to hear their side of the situation. Is there a family member who has been dealing with some hard problems? You may impact that to a high degree by being willing to allow them to open up.

When I learn of suicides there are usually so many factors. I know one of them is a feeling of hopelessness and that nobody can help or fix the person’s situation. When we use our gift of supporting those we know, they may have the courage to make it though. Your support may pave the way for them to continue. You never know how helping another may actually save their life.

We all were given different gifts and talents. Many of us have unique skills and abilities. Please know that you have a purpose and reason for being alive at this moment in time. Do not let upsetting issues stop you from finding joy in life. If you need support find someone to listen to you. If you are doing well offer to help or listen to anyone who is in your life.

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