Learning To Find Meaning in Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Addictions

dalaiI was watching a movie today called Kundun which is about the life of The Dalai Lama. It shares his journey from a boy of simple means to the chosen leader of his people. It struck me hard when he began to learn about the four noble truths.

The second noble truth teaches the cause of our suffering is thirst of tanha. We are looking for something outside of ourselves to make us happy. No matter how successful we are, we never remain satisfied.

I know many who struggle with mental health problems are looking for the one step that will turn everything around. The best truth is that it is a series of thousands of small steps over many years that leads to true growth. We may even need to keep learning once we have began to heal.

It has dawned on me that my quest for knowledge is a lifelong journey. I will never have every question answered and accept that this is okay. I encourage you to make peace with your past and begin to find a light in your future. This starts with making the best of this moment and trusting that the next one will be ready when you are.

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