Mental Health Poem and Quotes

butterflyWe believe creativity is very important for those impacted by mental health issues. One of the best ways to express our feelings is through writing and poetry. Here are a few poems and quotes created today to help and support your growth.

If you feel too low,

Learn to love and let go.

When all doors seem to lead to pain,

Take time to look deep inside and explain.

Fear is so hard to see,

Because it stops you from letting yourself feel free.

Without hope we have no light,

It worth the effort and to continue the fight.


“Our power is in the potential we continue to work towards achieving.”

“Don’t quit. You have so much to offer our world and we need you now.”

“Many stories don’t seem to make sense. Why is it so hard? Why did this happen? By the time your story is done each moment and experience will make sense. Keep on going.”

“I have fallen many times. I have risen up more than the times I fell. If you keep growing stronger even the strongest wave will not keep you down.”

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