Learning In Your Own Way

IMG_0205My son Ryan is a huge light in my life. He is always smiling, laughing and filled with energy. His talking has been delayed and we were beginning to be concerned. My parents and sister thought we should rule out any possible problems. We went to our local pediatrician and asked the doctors advice.

The doctor replied that it would be worth checking his hearing to make sure this is not why he has been slow to speak. We spent a few months waiting for an opening where he could be seen. Today, my wife and I took him and had the exam.

I held him while in a really fun booth that helps determine his hearing abilities. The doctor would have sounds come from the left and right. She monitored his responses to see if his head turned to follow the noise. I was so happy to see him look at where the noise was coming from. We then waited until he fell asleep to put a sensor in his ear. It read sound waves to determine if both ears were hearing properly.

They told us that his hearing is completely normal. The doctor said that boys often take longer than girls to begin speaking. She also said that his hyper focus might mean he is going to be a huge reader. I laughed when I told her that I love to read and write books.

We all learn in different ways. It is vital to understand your own gifts and abilities. You may have some areas that you are very strong with. This will allow you to find out your strengths and how to focus on your unique way of learning. Our world needs all types of individuals that each bring different ways of looking at life.

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