Parenting With A Mental Illness

wpid-20140913_115421.jpgIt is an honor and joy to be a parent. There is also a ton of responsibility, work and effort to raise a child. When one or both parents face a mental illness it causes additional stress.

The great news is there are many moms and dads who do a wonderful job taking care of their families. I have coached clients who juggle working, taking care of a home and parenting. It is not easy but with effort you can accomplish this.

I am so proud to watch my daughter Tyler complete kindergarten. My wife Jennifer and I went to her class Friday as she sang songs and was given an award with her classmates. Tyler was honored as the most helpful child in her class. I beamed with pride seeing my own child thriving in a new school. It shows me the work of maintaining my mental health has paid off in huge dividends.

The best lesson is to give your children love and be open that you face issues. Many kids learn to adapt and be supportive towards their parents. It is also key to not be too hard on yourself. I am usually calm and warm to my daughter and son. When I was upset for ten minutes this week I felt horrible. I proceeded to apologize and tell them how much I adore them.

When you make sure you are doing well, the kids will feel happier. Our children sense and understand when we are having a hard time. It is always worth seeing a therapist if you are experiencing problems. It makes you stronger and is better than finding negative ways to let out pain. When I see the love from my kids it shows me that anything is possible. It is worth all the messes we clean up, carpools we run and the massive effort it actually takes to be a positive parent.

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