Scaling A Mountain One Step At A Time

mountain-climbing-wallpaperOver my years as a therapist, many patients spoke about wanting to lose weight. I have heard of so many strategies and techniques which were hot at the moment. The ranged from not eating any bread, only eating protein or juicing.

I remember trying the Atkins Diet. I was told I could eat as much meat and cheese as I wanted. I was in my early 20’s and living in Manhattan. I went to McDonald’s and ordered five cheeseburgers and told them not to give me any buns. It was fun eating this way but it didn’t last.

A few years ago, I shifted my thoughts to embrace living healthier. I began a long term regimen of working out four to five days per week. I started walking 30 minutes each day. I now do heavier workouts as my body is much stronger. I rotate from playing tennis, hiking in nature preserves, playing basketball, doing weights and meditating.

I also understood that not eating enough never works for me. I have chosen to eat healthier meals and not attempt to be perfect. I buy smoothies that are fresh frozen fruit that I mix with orange juice as a meal substitute. I do my best not to eat very heavy fatty foods often. I will once in a while have some fast food and when I do I make sure not to supersize my portion.

This has allowed me to be in the best physical shape of my life. I went today and climbed ten sets of large steps, did squats, push ups, pull ups and lots of jogging. The long term changes now feel natural. I know that scaling a mountain is best done slowly and one step at a time. You may begin or continue a journey to improving your physical and mental health.

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