Working With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

wpid-wp-1415291321047.jpgThere have been many patients who ask me if they will be able to work when diagnosed with a mental illness. The best lesson I share is that during the hardest struggles we do not realize the potential for the future. I have seen some so sad that they cannot work, get out of bed, be with their kids or focus.

The first step is to seek treatment. Many times the medications and therapy combine to help us rebuild our mental capacities. It is then vital to go slow and set simple goals. I know many will fully recover.

I have seen cases where the individual ends up more successful after properly being diagnosed. They learn what issues they must watch out for and understand the need for proper sleeping and nutrition. I also love meeting business leaders who admit they had times of mental stress.

We can begin moving forward by taking it one day at a time. The small and simple daily steps often lead to growth. You may find that seeking treatment teaches you to understand your thoughts and habits. This may lead to helping you find a career that best uses your skills and abilities. Many with these problems become able to work on a higher level with long lasting success.

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