Learning To Practice Appreciation

IMG_0648I find time each day to focus and remember the positive in my life. This includes my children, wife, family and friends. I also think of the fact I have more than enough food, clean water, a home to live in, and the freedom to make my own choices.

When you have gratitude you are doing yourself a favor. It shifts your thoughts towards a sense of satisfaction remembering all that is working. It also helps when struggles happen.

Yesterday, I picked up my daughter from her cheer class. We were almost home when she got very upset. She started to yell that she left her school backpack at the gym. I said “It is no big deal. Let’s go back and get it”. We went there and ten minutes later she had it. I am trying to teach her not to get frustrated over simple problems. I chose to be nice and not make her feel bad for a simple error.

In another moment, she dropped a huge bottle of soda on the floor. I again told her it was an accident and not to worry. I knew I had to clean it so being mad would have only made it tougher. I cleaned up the mess and we had a nice dinner of Nathan’s hot dogs and french fries.

I believe when your facing adversity that it is how to you look at what is happening. The facts are life will throw issues your way. Even the happiest souls sometimes are saddened by sorrow. The power of practicing appreciation goes a long way to keeping hope alive.

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