Love Heals All Wounds

heartWhen I was younger I would often feel angry. I blamed others and was filled with rage. This meant that it was their fault that my problems had arisen.

I now see things differently. I have chosen to find love for every moment. I understand that the problems are only here to teach me a lesson. I also know that one issue happening now may shift in a flash. It is up to me to show love always.

I will be honest that there are times when I feel frustrated. I woke up this morning feeling angry about the loss of my brother and grandmother. It hurts knowing they are both deceased and I no longer am able to enjoy their company. I had a few moments where I let out my anger by yelling while alone in the car.

When your upset it does not work to hold it in.  A few healthy outlets are screaming alone in a car or where there is nobody around. You may also get a pillow and put it on a bed. When you hit it very hard you release some of the issues you are feeling. One other great outlet is to do something physical including running, playing a sport, dancing or anything that gets you moving.

I titled this article that love heals all wounds. When you choose love instead of fear, sadness, or confusion it will lead you forward. The wound we are experiencing has some higher value to unlock within our worlds. I don’t fully understand every lesson but I know by showing love it will take me to where I am destined to go.

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