Winning The Longer Battle With Depression

bookbI have seen the look in a parents eyes when their child faces a mental illness. They want know that it will work out and what can be done. The best answer is that with enough care many of us rebuild our lives.

There are countless horror stories of those who are mentally ill who commit crimes. The less talked about are those who fight each day to stay strong. This includes maintaining treatment, overcoming fears and trying to deal with life.

They may not make the news because their story is not as exciting or worthy of headline news. You may not read “Mentally Ill Man Pays His Bills, Helps His Family and Works Hard”. There are tons of stories of real success and accomplishments that have taken a large amount of efforts.

I want to take today to thank those who have faced a hard battle with mental health. It may have been a loved one or yourself. You have made it to today so please know you are a survivor. It may have been a long road but you are here today and that is a success.

Please know there are many who go through rough situations. When we have the courage to continue it shows a high level of strength. You may also impact others lives through kindness, warmth, helping and hope. Please know we are all connected and without each other we will not move forward. If you ever need anything we are always happy to help. Please email or call us at (213) 304-9555

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