Working Out With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

wpid-wp-1413382254468.jpgThere are many key steps to handling depression or bipolar disorder. They include finding the right doctors, medication, therapy, support groups and understanding your emotions. One other factor that is extremely vital is your own ability to keep your body strong.

I began three years ago doing a structured amount of physical activity each day. I began by walking for 30 minutes. I would go at a set time and not allow any excuses to stop my goals. Within about six months, I started to feel happier. I increased my efforts and worked up to one hour at a time.

I then began to jog and eventually run. These days, I do one hour of intense training. This includes sprinting, climbing stairs, doing push ups, squats and stretching. This has allowed my weight and energy levels to improve. It also has helped on days I began to feel sad to improve my emotions.

You have the potential to find a way to obtain better health. It may begin with a slow walk, hiking, dancing, yoga, tennis or basketball. My work has allowed me to see many clients find better mental cognition by using exercise. It helps our moods, minds and bodies. Even small and slow changes often lead to long term results and success.

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