The Value Of List Making With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

wpid-wp-1413295631924.jpgThe idea of making a list of daily tasks may seem mundane. It often helps with both action, accountability and progress. Many years ago I began writing down a thorough list of what needs to be finished each day.

This allows me to be aware of what I am working towards and hoping to accomplish. It also keeps me organized and is helpful in remembering responsibilities.

The best part is it is very easy. You can take an unlined or lined paper and number the tasks you are working towards. Once you finish one step, you can put a check by it and go on to the others. You may find by the end of the day you have done more than you realize.

When we face mental health issues we sometimes don’t want to do anything. There is a great satisfaction in accomplishing even when it feels very hard. You may begin with simple activities ranging from brushing your teeth, waking up, eating, cooking or cleaning.

I have seen many clients who slowly achieve just a small amount more. They then work on harder steps. It sometimes happens that they are able to have busy and rewarding daily goals. I encourage you to make a list today of what you are hoping to happen. You may end up beginning a valuable habit that is used by many business leaders.

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