Recharging With Bipolar Disorder

wpid-20141002_153126.jpgMany of us become tired after putting in large amounts of efforts. It often makes valid sense to take a few hours to take a break and find something enjoyable to experience. I was traveling for work last week and decided today to spend quality time with my wife and kids.

We shared a great day working out, getting haircuts and enjoying each others company. This allows all of us to feel more connected and to remove stress. If you have loved ones close to you please enjoy their company.

My stepdad came to visit today as he was in our area. We spent a few minutes together and my daughter gave him a gift she had bought for him. It said “I love grandpa” and he lit up when she gave it to him. These small moments are huge in our hearts.

There is so much to be thankful for each day. Even in the hardest problems there is a way to remember what is to be appreciated. I choose today to remember my family, friends and my connection to God. I know that these are extremely important and are what counts in life. I wish you a wonderful day filled with heart, connection, warmth and love.

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