Stigma and Depression and Bipolar Disorder

sunI have heard comments about those with depression and bipolar disorder which seem cruel. There was a recent story of a television host saying that bipolar is made up and the latest fad. When I heard this it taught me that many are still ignorant about the pain many feel.

I’ve helped those who barely have the ability to wake up, brush their teeth, shower, or socialize around anyone. They have not chosen to live in a mental state that is harder than anything you imagine. I also felt shame when first diagnosed and it took many years to accept myself.

The greatest lesson I am continuing to learn is that I don’t need the approval of others. My life is my own and it is up to me to make positive changes. I believe that working out, connecting with friends, eating well, and finding hope have been valuable pieces of progress.

It is also clear that many are not caring about others. When someone is nasty or negative it is usually more about them than you. I find that when someone is hurtful towards others with mental illness it comes from a place of fear. They are not willing to accept themselves and then choose to put others down who face these problems. You may decide to feel sorry for them rather than let their words or actions harm you.

Each of us face problems and struggles. When we are open, honest, kind and caring we come together for our higher benefit. I wish you a great day with many wonderful experiences. Please know you are valuable, important and worthy of love.

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