Learning To Keep Living With Bipolar and Depression




I remember during my earliest times with bipolar disorder wondering about the future. I was so ill that even being able to live outside of a hospital was a large goal.

There have been many clients who have shared doubt and fear about life. They ask if there is hope even when battling horrible problems. The answer is we never know tomorrow.

When you do your best each day there is progress. This includes working out, eating well, maintaining your medication regimen, sleeping on a structured schedule, and keeping in contact with loved ones.

This combines to offer the best potential you deserve. I shared in my talk that during my worst days I could never imagine the wonderful experiences I enjoy today. This includes being married to the love of my life for 9 years, having two awesome creative children, and sharing lessons to help those who struggle with these issues.

I am leaving New Orleans today and had a terrific lunch at P.F. Changs. The end of the meal offerred me a fortune cookie from the smiling and hard working African American waitress. It says “The best times of your life have not been lived”.

This will apply to each of us. If we take the right steps our future days may be even greater than our present. I wish you hope, health, happiness and healing.

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