New Orleans Talk To Create Hope For Health


I am so excited to be speaking here in New Orleans at a large conference about mental health. There are chapters from throughout Louisiana that are in town to come together and educate about these important issues.

This morning, I arrived early for my first visit to New Orleans. I walked The French Quarter, Bourbon Street and many beautiful areas.

I heard wonderful live music and even took a quick photograph with a local singer. I visited the home of famous author William Faulkner who lived here and wrote his first novel at the local attraction. It is now a wonderful book store offering amazing titles.

The music, energy and fun in New Orleans is easy to feel. It is alive during the day and evening. I know that many artists have been inspired on these streets.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for continuing to support mental health by reading this website. It is so inspiring to know we now have readers in over 92 countries. This encourages us to keep improving knowledge and hope about these important topics.

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