Quote Of The Day

newdayMany of us go through situations that feel heavier than we know we are able to handle. This leads to finding a strength you did not realize was achievable.

We all want to face happy and positive experiences that do not feel hard. When you look deep within you may change and grow through adversity. You often begin to find the light even in a dark situation.

I had a project that was feeling exciting to work on. There was a very large company that showed interest in buying it from me. I was happy and expecting a positive outcome.  When the executive called to share they were passing I had a choice. I decided to be gracious and warm despite the answer not being what I wanted. The courage to bounce back is one of the lessons I continue to learn.

“When you give more than you knew possible, you are beginning to reach your potential”. The quote talks about helping others. The small warmth you share is valuable and important. I took time today to go visit my grandmother and left her a warm note because she was not at home. We had a beautiful conversation that improved both of our days.

We never know how long our lives are. Your friends and family need your love and light. When you take time to reach out you may find that you lift them up. It may turn out this connection helps you handle what you are experiencing. Please remember our time on Earth is a long journey that does come together for our highest learning.

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