A New Beginning With Depression

wpid-20140911_145439.jpgMany who face depression feel stuck. They feel fear and anxiety because their mind is sad. It is never too late to begin again and start fresh.

When you are emotionally upset you may not feel that there is hope. It takes courage to start again and keep moving towards your goals. There is not one person who is in your mind and knows what it feels like to be depressed.

When you wake up you may begin the new day with a fresh start. This means finding something to focus on which you are appreciative about. This may include a place to live, food, friendships, fun experiences and wonderful memories.

It is also enjoyable to find a way to laugh. This might mean watching a stand up comic on YouTube, playing a funny video or remembering a time something made you giggle. The emotion of laughter is freeing and opens up your mind.

We must learn that life is not so serious. Even the hardest problems are only temporary. Your life is a long journey and it is okay to take time to relax. It may help your mood to play a game, dance, joke or even take a nap.

You are never alone in your situations. There is always a way to connect with others and be part of your community. There are wonderful groups, classes, courses, religious places and other ways to meet friends. On the road of life, it may help to take a detour to a place of light, love and laughter.

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