Tips For Travelling With Bipolar Disorder and Depression

Air travel - Plane is flying in blue sky with cloudsThis weekend I am enjoying celebrating the holidays with my family in Philadelphia. I am impressed with the diversity, culture and kindness within the city. There are many interesting art work scattered within the tree lined streets.

I am learning that travelling and seeing other areas is a wonderful experience. When you live with a mental illness many times you feel uncomfortable leaving your surroundings. I share a few tips to help you when you go to other areas.

This includes trying not to rush. You may give yourself extra time to get to the airport and to make it to your destination. The second tip is to show kindness in your journey. Many times saying hello and being friendly allows those you don’t know to be warm in return. The third tip is to know your limits.

When I was younger, I began to understand that drinking too much, not sleeping or pressure made going to different cities very difficult. The act of pacing yourself and going slower makes things a little bit easier.

I feel blessed to travel and do talks in many areas. The quick steps have helped make each destination unique, informative and safe. I wish you a wonderful weekend and safe travels wherever you are.

2 thoughts on “Tips For Travelling With Bipolar Disorder and Depression

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